3 Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

3 Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger

September 8, 2021 0 By Tiffany Ellis

For any job requiring landscaping, digging, earth moving, grading, excavating or demolition, heavy diggers can come in handy. Among some of the common types of this equipment are heavy diggers with different kinds of backhoes and excavators, and they are absolutely essential on construction sites. However, heavy diggers are incredibly expensive, and many contractors choose to hire their heavy diggers rather than purchasing them outright. Even after hiring, the costs of operating a heavy digger can still be high. Following are three ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger.

1. Make Comparisons of Hire Companies

The most effective way to cut spending in this area is by working with heavy digger hire companies that work hard to keep their prices competitive. Even though different firms are offering the same heavy digger models, their rental rates aren’t identical. Some options are far more affordable than others. Spend some time comparing companies and prices before making a hiring decision. When doing so, be sure to keep the following in mind so that you’re guaranteed to get the most reasonable rates:

– Search for a hiring company that has flexible packages

– Choose a firm with many equipment types available. If you need both a bulldozer and an excavator, hiring them from a single company is going to be much more affordable than using two separate service providers

– Make sure that equipment attachments are included in your package. Having essential attachments such as grapples, buckets, augers, and grading blades will make it unnecessary to search for these things after hiring a heavy digger. If you hire these things separately, you will need to pay extra.

After having used these factors to make comparisons of firms, request quotes and choose one that can meet your full range of needs at a reasonable cost.

2. Look for Diggers That Are Serviced

Consider what would happen if you hire a heavy digger that breaks down in the middle of your project. You will need to repair this equipment, and it could wind up costing you hundreds of Euros beyond the price of hiring the digger. You can avoid this problem by searching for companies with serviced diggers. Learn more from FGS Plant to hire digger in kent. Before picking the equipment up or receiving it, have the hire company thoroughly inspect it, and service and repair it. You should be present during these inspections to ensure that all components are working as they should.

Among some of the areas that you should pay attention to are the undercarriage, the electrical system, the hydraulic system, and the unit controls. All fluids should be changed. After a heavy digger has been properly serviced and repaired, you won’t have to worry about repair issues that aren’t actually your fault.

3. Hire an Experienced Heavy Digger Operator

Hiring an experienced operator for your heavy digger might seem like an unnecessary extra cost, but it can actually wind up saving your cash. There are a number of hire companies that will allow you to rent equipment and hire an operator for an added charge of say, £200. Using this package can ultimately save you money.

The work will get done a lot faster with a seasoned operator at the helm, especially if you or your crew don’t have the right skills for operating heavy diggers. Experienced operators are also able to avoid a number of common mistakes resulting from incompetence, and they can save you a significant amount of downtime. If you hire an operator and the heavy digger gets damages, you won’t have to pay for this damage – the plant hire firm will cover them instead.


Equipment hire is a critical service for construction and earthmoving projects. These are all effective ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger. Get in touch with us at FGS Plant for your next equipment hire. We’ve got flexible packages and can meet a very broad range of needs. We offer competitive prices and free quotes. Call us now for all of your heavy digger hire needs.