Kitchen Layout – How to Choose the Right Appliances

Kitchen Layout – How to Choose the Right Appliances

October 11, 2021 0 By Tiffany Ellis

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house, and it is an integral part of daily life. As such, it needs to be spacious, have sufficient storage space, and provide convenient access for all members of the family. The kitchen is also often where guests are entertained, so it should serve a purpose. In many families where cooking is normally done in the kitchen, the phrase kitchen whenever someone says it reminds them of the meal they just had. In fact, many individuals find that simply having the word kitchen in front of their name helps them feel instantly connected with the kitchen and the people who use it.

When remodeling a kitchen however, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration in order to create a kitchen that meets the current needs of the family, while providing storage space and other options for future expansion. A good way to begin remodeling a kitchen is by considering the most common elements found in all modern kitchens. These include the sink, the refrigerator, the range, the cook top, the range top, and the dishwasher. While each of these items is important, it’s the way they are placed together in the kitchen that makes all the difference.

The kitchen layout should allow for easy cabinet access, so that items can be pulled out quickly for use or replacing items if they need to be. It should also be easily navigable, so that the user can move through the kitchen as quickly and efficiently as possible, without spending extra time finding what they’re looking for. If there is not enough countertop space available, or the countertop isn’t high enough for the appliances being used, this can become frustrating, and users will begin to avoid the kitchen altogether.

Another element of kitchen layout that makes all the difference is the type of cabinetry that is chosen. Most modern kitchens use a combination of cabinetry styles. This means that one can choose from hinged, sliding, and bifold cabinetry. There are also some kitchen designs that include island work areas, or a pantry or storage cabinetry underneath the stove. These types of cabinetry solutions are more functional and allow for more than one person to easily and simultaneously use various kitchen appliance types. Some of these features include slide out drawers, which make it very convenient to obtain food items, and some include an overhead freezer.

When choosing new cabinetry, it is important to consider the amount of space available for placement. For example, most hinged cabinetry units require at least two walls for installation. The kitchen layout should also take into consideration whether or not the cabinetry will be open or closed. In most cases, cabinets that are open plan provide plenty of light to flow through, while closed cabinets keep prying eyes out. Another element to consider when choosing new cabinetry is to determine how much floor space is required for installation, including whether the floor can be tile or wood, and whether or not under-counter appliances are desired.

In addition to new kitchen cabinetry, kitchens also need to have new appliances. While older appliances were designed to be efficient and last for several years, modern appliances are designed to last longer. Thus, when installing new appliances in a kitchen layout, it is important to consider what can be used, and which appliances should be replaced. Some examples of popular newer appliances include high efficiency ovens, stoves, cooking ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators. Some popular newer models include smart ovens, dishwashers, and food processors.