Types of Bathroom Basins

Types of Bathroom Basins

February 16, 2024 0 By Tiffany Ellis

Your bathroom basin can quickly transform the look and feel of any space in your home, giving it that five-star touch. There are various types available for purchase that should take into account space, style, and maintenance requirements before making an informed decision.

No matter if it’s for your main bathroom or an extra cloakroom, this guide will help you locate the ideal basin.


Ceramic bathroom basins are a timeless classic in Australia. Crafted from clay fired at high temperatures to form hard non-porous surfaces that are durable yet easy to maintain, ceramic is one of the most widely-used bathroom materials today.

Ceramic basins are highly hygienic, resistant to mold and bacteria growth, and available in multiple colours. Their sleek surface naturally repels staining and scratches for added peace of mind.

Ceramic basins make an excellent complement for contemporary bathrooms when paired with quality vanities, adding classic white hues that brighten any space and unique hand painted or glazed styles that bring timeless touches to the room. Or for coastal bathroom designs, Bianco Turin wood-look tiles add beach vibes. Their sixx24 planks of wood look tile feature sandy beiges and brown tones which complement any cabinetry, shower surround, or accessories – not to mention being budget friendly while remaining highly durable against impacts and scratches!

Solid Surface

Solid surface basins provide an elegant yet practical addition to any bathroom design, while remaining stylish and hardwearing. Constructed from eco-friendly stone resin that can be customized according to your design needs, solid surface basins are an ideal option that will fit snugly within any space in your bathroom while complementing its overall style and decor.

Solid surface basins make a sleek addition to your bathroom and benchtop, not only because of their beautiful aesthetic but also because they’re non-porous so bacteria and mildew can’t grow on them – creating an investment for years.

Roca Corian basins are well known for their quality, with a 10-year guarantee from the company. However, other manufacturers produce solid surface basins in various colours and designs such as Akron Formica Krion Porcelanosa Avonite Surfaces etc. When purchasing solid surface basins it’s essential that thorough research be conducted as some may contain inferior resins that lose their white tone over time and become yellowed over time.


Semi-recessed basins make a statement in any bathroom with their semi-recessed design, which only partially protrudes from their surface of attachment and creates an attractive contrast between counter top and undermount basins. Plus, their semi-recessed style helps them fit into spaces unsuitable for other sink types.

These basins come in an assortment of styles to fit in with bathrooms of various decors. Their modern aesthetic may make them stand out, while more classic forms may also be available – they could even pair nicely with period inspired taps to complete their integration seamlessly.

As they’re positioned forward, these basins make handwashing more accessible without strain, providing significant relief to children and seniors with mobility issues. Furthermore, this type of basin is great for keeping countertops clear; cleaning and maintaining these less exposed basins is straightforward.


Freestanding bathroom sinks have become one of the latest fashion statements in interior design. Also referred to as cylinder basins, these standalone designs make a striking statement and can become the focal point of your bathroom.

This type of bathroom basin can make an excellent statement piece in small bathrooms and half baths alike, with its soft cylindrical form making a lasting first impression and complimented by an eye-catching pendant light overhead.

An additional advantage of freestanding basins is their exposed plumbing, making maintenance much simpler than with pedestal or wall hung models. For safety’s sake it may be wise to place non slip mats near this sink to protect floors from accidental slipperiness. Furthermore, make sure the entry point of the drain pipe lines up with where you intend to place your freestanding basin; otherwise you may need to reroute its route which could prove expensive and challenging to do successfully.