How to Maximise the Space in Your Wardrobe

How to Maximise the Space in Your Wardrobe

October 21, 2020 0 By Tiffany Ellis

For many people, stashing things haphazardly inside their wardrobe is a common practice. While it keeps the bedroom tidy, it’s a different story inside the wardrobe. It is not easy to find the clothes or items you need. Your clothes will be creased. Typically, you end up wearing the clothes that are within easy reach or haul out the clothes onto your bed to choose the right outfit.

If you’re in a similar dilemma, here are some tips on organising your wardrobe to use the space properly.

Maximising wardrobe space

Folding, cleaning, tidying up, and decluttering are just some of the general ideas to organise your closet. But we’re going to give you storage solutions so you can do the organising successfully.

1.  Use dividers, baskets, and boxes

If you have fitted bedroom furniture, you can likely find a few gaps in your closet where you can put additional storage, such as storage baskets or boxes. You can use these storage bins to store small items such as woollen hats, belts, scarves, and gloves.

If you have a small collection of bags, find a space inside your wardrobe where you can place metal shelf dividers to store your bags upright so that they can maintain their shape.

2. Create ample space for hanging clothes

Most clothes are light enough to hang on thin hangers. Use them instead of the thicker ones that take up more space.

Free up some floor space in your wardrobe by hanging your clothes properly. Group you shorter clothes at one end of the space and the long ones at the other end. By doing so, you can create a space to add a shoe rack and possibly a small dresser below.

Another option is to install an extra rail where you can hang short items. Fold jeans and trousers in half and hang them on hangers doubled over.

3. Create a brighter and lighter wardrobe

Install lighting inside your wardrobe. Your closet will look more spacious when it’s bright. It will be easier to find items at the back of the wardrobe as well. Likewise, you can install a mirror on the inside of the closet door to give the illusion of a bigger space. Painting the inside of the wardrobe with light coloured paint will make the wardrobe brighter.

4. Find storage space for small items

Fitted bedroom furniture will have several drawers. Use small canisters or shallow trays for your small items. A small basket will organise your socks. Use another one for your delicate tights, and a separate one for knickers. Hang a cloth or plastic organiser that hooks over wardrobe doors. Use it to store your accessories and other items that often get misplaced. Here is the best place for Cheap Beds UK.

5. Buy closet drawers

You can add more storage space and provide separate containers for different items with closet drawers. They usually have clear plastic or mesh baskets to make it easy to identify the items each basket contains. Learn innovative ways to roll and fold clothes into rectangles and squares. Rolling clothes is an effective space saver. The method even prevents clothes from wrinkling and avoids creases.