Maximizing Space in a Small Bathroom With Clever Storage Ideas

Maximizing Space in a Small Bathroom With Clever Storage Ideas

May 23, 2024 0 By Woody Smith

Make organizing toiletries and other necessities visually pleasing yet easily accessible with decorative ladders for towels or wire baskets for lightweight items like cotton balls and Q-tips.

Avoid clutter that eats up limited space with these intelligent storage ideas that maximize every inch of your bathroom and keep everything accessible.

Floating Shelves

Floating vanities provide a sleek aesthetic for small bathrooms, yet often lack sufficient storage solutions. A no-drill wall shelf, like this one from Emily Henderson Design, can add much needed towel and essential storage without taking up floor space. A magnetic knife rack is another smart bathroom storage idea; simply stick it behind a sink to keep tweezers, nail clippers, or other small metal accessories dry and away from becoming wet (and thus rusty).

Repurpose an old Mason jar into a bath organizer for makeup brushes, soaps and sponges with this simple DIY project from Almost Makes Perfect. Not only will your supplies remain organized but the decorative element added adds another decorative aspect to the room!

Deep drawers in small bathrooms are prime real estate, yet it can quickly become overflowing with expired sunscreen and other products. Drawer dividers from NEAT Method can help keep everything organized and in its rightful place.

Mason Jar Organizers

No matter the size of your bathroom, finding enough storage can often feel like a tight squeeze. Luckily, small storage ideas help maximize every square inch.

Wall-mounted towels offer a sleek and space-saving solution to traditional racks. A simple wooden frame mounts on the wall and accommodates stacks of towels, like in this powder room from Zoe Feldman. If your bathroom features a pedestal sink, consider placing a towel bar above it so that hand towels remain within easy reach.

If your drawers become disorganized with nail clippers and bobby pins, installing dividers to keep items organized could help avoid clutter from spilling over. They also serve as an efficient way of grouping like-items together like hair tools or makeup products.

Black & Blooms’ ladder-style shelf provides convenient linen closet storage without taking up valuable floor space. Select an option with shallow shelves for increased storage capacity or use wire baskets directly on its rungs to hold bath essentials and other household goods.

Shallow Closet

No matter the size or style of your bathroom, its storage needs require creative solutions that don’t compromise style. Add containers, shelves and hooks that maximize every square foot for optimal space efficiency and maximize every bit of available real estate.

This slim cabinet fits neatly between a toilet and sink base to store essentials in otherwise wasted spaces, such as the gap between them. On its top shelf can go plants, next comes toilet paper and then finally small bath items at the bottom shelf – everything within reach for convenient living!

Even when using designated drawers for various categories of items, things can quickly become disorganized. Try using dividers to keep like items together: one bin for hair products and makeup and another one for cumbersome tools like blow dryers and straighteners. Moreover, try installing a magnetic knife rack in your bathroom so as to keep bobby pins and scrunchies off the countertop where they could cause unsightly rust stains.

Drawer Dividers

Small bathrooms can quickly become overrun with skincare products, shampoos and lotions, tissues and a vast amount of toilet paper. A drawer divider such as this one from NEAT Method is an easy and space-saving way to organize these essential items without taking up precious floor space; perfect for placing frequently-used items at the front while less-often used ones at the back – easy access yet out of sight storage options are provided here.

An adjustable cabinet with tilting doors is another smart storage idea for small bathrooms. Perfect for concealing dirty towels and clothes without taking up wall space, and doubles as an angled laundry hamper!

A narrow shelving unit makes an excellent addition to the area above a bathtub or shower, where it can house books, decorative bottles and other items. Hanging wire baskets from ladders on walls is another space-saving bathroom storage solution that adds style and saves room.